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Chandler as born in North Carolina on August 05, 2003.  She was born at 9:41pm by emergency C-Section after 24 hrs. of induction.  THE ABSOULTE BEST MINUTE OF OUR LIVES! She was 9lbs.8oz. of ABSOLUTE BEAUTY! She was a MIRACLE FROM GOD!
Chandler passed away on June 20, 2005 at the age of 22 1/2 mos. Chandler always loved the water. Her favorite thing to do was to get a shower and let the water spray over her body as she colored all over the shower walls with her crayons!  She loved the bathtub from day one and enjoyed being sprayed with the waterhose and running around the yard butt naked! :)  One of her most enjoyable days was sliding down the plastic slide with the waterhose hooked up to it to make it slippery. She slid down over and over again and played with her cousins, Savannah and Taylor. She kept putting her mouth in the water sprinkler to drink the water and wet her hair...she enjoyed that just as much as sliding. The only thing about the slide is that she didn't want to slide down once she got up there. She enjoyed just being "The Queen" and having it all to herself! She was always stubborn and head-strong like that!  :)  On the day of June 20th, she got off by herself and went into an outdoor jacuzzi. This is when water was not our friend any longer.  We lost her that day. If there is one thing us as parents can do is to educate those with small children to be aware of your surroundings and your children at ALL TIMES. Do not take ANYTHING for granted. The children, especially toddlers between 2 and 4 are very curious and experimental and they will TRY ANYTHING! SO,DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THEM FOR A SECOND! Thank you for visiting Chandler's webpage and may God protect and bless your family!
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