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This memorial website was created in the memory of our precious daughter, Chandler Rae Grogg who was born in North Carolina on August 05, 2003 and passed away on June 20, 2005 at the age of 22 1/2 months old.  Since 9:41pm on August 5th, Chandler has been an amazing blessing to all that knew her.  She came into this world with such vibrant energy and life, and she showed an incredible love for anyone she came in contact with.  She enjoyed the following: playing and spending the night with family, getting ready and going to church, (singing in the microphone on the church stage anytime she could get up there)and singing praise & worship, spending time at Ms.Rose's daycare with friends, feeding Mimi and Papa's horses,riding the golf cart,and playing with her puff-puff, being naked and getting sprayed with the waterhose, playing with play-doh and reading at Gran's house, watching her DVD's and singing with them, Ring around the Rosies with Savannah(and everything else with Savannah-"two peas in a pod"), sleeping with TT and Uncle Jon and getting anything I want!!, lovin' on Uncle Wyatt and aggravating Sadie & Simon, kissing on Nik Nik's pregnant belly and giving Garrett all those kisses, wearing Mommy's shoes and Daddy's ties around her neck runnning around the house in her diaper, loving on and playing ball with 8-Ball(our black lab), visiting Uncle Matt and family in Ohio and wrestling w/ Tyler and Trevor, playing w/Uncle Dave when he came home, talking to the chickens with Rob, standing in Aunt Gail's refrigerator to get her favorite.."MILK", jumping on Uncle Mamie's and Aunt Bev's trampoline and sliding on slide, visiting Maw Maw and Papa Ray's house where she could get anything she wanted and hollering "Whoo" to Papa Ray, hanging out with Tyler, Zack, Caleb, and Tay Tay, and anytime she was free....spending time with Mommy & Daddy(watching her DVD's and singing, getting her favorite..baths & showers and drawing with her water crayons just getting all the love one could ever imagine and yes, getting SPOILED ROTTEN.. just like she DESERVED!!!!! And still today, HER SPIRIT LIVES ON and we can feel and see her everyday...WHAT A TRUE BLESSING SHE IS! Her favorite last phrase was...."WE ARE BEST(BLESSED)!" Thank you Chan for reminding us how we are truly blessed to have such a wonderful gift as you! YOU WILL BE WITH US ALWAYS and Mommy & Daddy and all those who know Jesus will see you again soon! "Jesus loves me this I know!"
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Chan, Happy Valentine's Day my sweet girl!!!! I love you and miss you with everything I am.....not a single day goes by I dont wish you were here with us and your sweet brothers and Callie Grace. I tend to push away the thoughts pretty often because...  Continue >>
MISSING YOU!!!!!!!   / Daddy
Hey squirt I haven't written to you in a while but i talk to you everyday.  Your presence has been so strong around all of us this past week with all of the dragonflies that have been seen and landing on people's hands.  I miss you more an...  Continue >>
hey sweet baby..   / Traci
Hey Chan! I was never blessed to have met you but I feel as if I do. You are soo beautiful and I think about you and your mommy daily. Because of you her and your daddy I enjoy every second of every day with my baby Bailey I love her w...  Continue >>
HEY HONEY!!!!<3   / Bryna Alphin (Friend)
chandler its been awhile since i have talked to....but that doesnt been i havent thought about you!!!!We still have your picture on our fridge i miss you baby girl!!!I hope your brothers and your sissy in your mommmys stomach are doing ok!  I lo...  Continue >>
precious Chandler   / Lorie Mayol (none)
Hi Candida Hi haven't written in I don't even know how long but believe me you have ALWAYS been in my heart and prayers. I am so happy for you and your husband on your new precious angels...I am a little older than you my precious Elizabeth was 20 w...  Continue >>
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WE MISS YOU!  / Chan's Mommy (Mommy)    Read >>
Chandler / Mandy (friends of your wonderful family )    Read >>
miss you!!!!!!!!!!!  / Mommy .. (mommy)    Read >>
"I just saw an angel"  / Garrett (Cousin)    Read >>
Precious Angel Chandler  / L. Mayol (none)    Read >>
My Baby Brother's Big Day!  / Chandler's Mom     Read >>
What a great day  / Tammie McDaniel (cousin)    Read >>
ALL MY LOVE!!!  / Hey Babydoll! It'Mom!     Read >>
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Chandler had a way of sharing her love with her loved ones and even strangers.  From her big beautiful smile, gorgeous blue eyes, to her outgoing personality which you could feel a mile away... She carries on a vibrant ray of love that still shines through today. What a wonderful gift God has given us in her!  Thank you God for sharing her with me! I will forever give you praise for such a gift as Chandler Rae!
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Enjoying the sunshine at Uncle Matt & Aunt Steph's in Ohio!
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